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Intranets allow staff and legal professionals to securely access important firm resources. 

intranet site iconMany firms already have an intranet site that consolidates tools for legal professionals and other employees. Many law firm management software apps can also fill the need. But, if you have a smaller practice and need help sharing important information with colleagues and staff, an intranet site may be exactly what you need — especially if you have remote workers.

Intranet websites utilize a private network that is only accessible to employees of the law practice. They allow lawyers and staff to access shared information and resources, such as company documents, databases, and applications, from any location within the organization. Intranet sites are accessed through a web browser, and are protected by a firewall and secure login credentials to ensure that only authorized employees can access the resources on the intranet website.

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Law Firm Dashboards

Dashboards are graphical websites that provide a consolidated view of KPIs and data from multiple sources in a single page.

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Case Extranets

Extranets are websites hosted on a secure, private network that allow law firms to collaborate with other lawyers or clients.

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