We build websites for lawyers.

Whether you're looking for a straightforward website that markets your legal skills or a sophisticated website with custom content and features, On Point Legal Tech can build the perfect website to fit the needs of your law firm. We design, develop and host a wide variety of websites for law practices big and small.

Why should you hire On Point Legal Tech for your website development?

  • We capitalize on your firm's strengths to build a website that distinguishes you from the competition
  • We have experienced legal copywriters that compose search engine optimized text
  • Our professional photography give your website an authentic appearance
  • We won't sell you on excessive embellishments you don't need  

Leave an Impression

Referrals and top talent will visit your website to learn more. Leave an impression to convert them into clients and team members.

Showcase Strengths

Let potential clients, other lawyers, media and businesses learn about your skills by publishing great practice area and bio pages.

Add Credibility

A great, innovative website leaves the lasting impression that your firm or practice is progressive and professional.

Our approach

We don't force you to use technology that maximizes our profit. We discuss your needs, then build a website that maximizes your investment. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Discuss – Meet, listen and collaborate.
  2. Research – Study your culture and competition. Determine needs, goals and best practices.
  3. Decide – Evaluate potential software and platforms.
  4. Plan – Draft a Project Summary. 
  5. Build – Design, install and configure.
  6. Publish – Test and launch.

Most of our websites are built on Content Management System frameworks (WordPress and Joomla) that allow our clients to maintain all primary site content as needed. Content maintenance can be shared by multiple users, easing the burden of keeping website information up-to-date. 

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Not all law firm websites are created equally

website codeMany websites look nice, but there's a lot more to website development than a nice looking layout. We carefully craft each site and include the following "out of view" items in every site we build:

  • Keyword rich title tags for all pages
  • Custom meta description tags for all pages
  • Proper use of headline tags (H1, H2, H3...) and internal links to enhance keyword recognition
  • ALT tags on all images
  • URL redirects that will route important page URLs to the new site content if the new site replaces an existing one
  • Litespeed cache optimization
  • Custom 404 error pages
  • Open graph tags for professional looking social media posts
  • Optimized CSS and javascript files

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns

After investing in a professional website that properly represents your firm, Online Marketing (including SEO/Search Engine Optimization and PPO/Point Per Click campaigns) is the next step to getting more leads and growing your practice. Potential clients are searching the Internet for lawyers more each day and an Online Marketing plan can help capture (and convert) those leads into clients.

SEO and Online Marketing are complex processes with many parts, but the SEO component can be broken down into three main sections:

  • Technical SEO - website and server optimizations
  • On-page SEO - optimizing individual web pages
  • Off-page SEO - links and other external signals

Initiating an SEO campaign is not like flipping a switch–it's a highly choreographed strategy that involves multiple parts working together. Pricing is based on the amount of competition for the desired keywords and key phrases in a specific geographic region. When you're ready to make the commitment to investing in an SEO campaign, we will review your practice areas, budget and goals to deliver the perfect Online Marketing package specifically tailored for your law firm. The strategy must be evaluated and tweaked over time to produce the best results, and a minimum three month commitment is needed to generate an acceptable ROI.

If you're interested in starting a smart, aggressive online marketing campaign, schedule a meeting with us to learn more.


Website Hosting

All On Point Legal Tech hosting accounts are served from a private cloud in Dallas Texas and feature fast, state of the art hardware, software and security. 

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