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In addition to the services that increase efficiency and aid growth, On Point Legal Tech can also handle critical tasks that keep your network safe and running smoothly.  

Business class email

We will review your needs, discuss the options, and implement the best choice for your law practice. For existing firms, we will migrate messages and contacts from your current email into the new solution.

connected IT services graphicSystem monitoring

Security, stability and reliability are critical components of any computer network, and essential for your law practice. LANs that allow file sharing, VPNs that allow remote connections to your network, Internet connections that allow access to the world wide web and servers that house your information and software are the backbone of your practice. Keeping these systems running soothly and securely keep your data, network and workflow safe and sound.


Backups are a critical component to any IT plan—properly backing up your files is an essential process. All of your firm's files and information should be backed up in at least three separate locations and should be done on a regular interval. On Point will discuss the best backup options for your individual network and budget, setup and test the backups, and use system monitoring to ensure the backups are available when needed.


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