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In addition to being your trusted technology partner, On Point Legal Tech can also utilize technology to enhance your law firm's image.

Traditionally, law firms have built their image through hard work, reputation and gaining the respect of other lawyers. That's still true, and it will continue to be the foundation for firm's reputation. But in today's digital landscape it's important to have consistent branding and a coordinated strategy to further build and reinforce your firm's identity. This is especially true for smaller firms and startup practices. 

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Law firm logo design

law firm logo design

Creating a unique logo for your legal practice is the first step to building a brand. 

A logo is not just a marketing device. It is a simple representation of your law practice that can, and should, be used in every type of media. It's your firm's icon, and it will be displayed everywhere including the obvious places like your business card and website. But you'll also use it on social media pages, tweets and email signatures. 

Logo design can be broken down into the following two main categories:

STEP 1: Client Discovery

google search resultsGaining a deep understanding of your legal practice and culture is important. We do this by researching your firm and your competition. 

  • Prominent verdicts
  • Most important practice areas for growth
  • Most important practice areas for revenue
  • Goals and strategic plans for the firm's future

A professionally designed logo is an investment. It is the foundation for building your brand and enhancing your image. 


logo in illustratorSTEP 2: Execution 

Logos come in all shapes and sizes, but not all logo files are created equally. Many companies are in a rush to complete their logo as it's one of the first items needed when starting a business. But your logo is a very important investment in your business, and a good logo will not only enhance your image — it will also save you money in the long run.

A well executed logo file should: 

  • Not use strokes - strokes in digital files can sometimes scale improperly when imported into different software applications
  • Not have white areas - any area defined as white can create issues when used in certain types of reproduction, e.g., embroidery and silk-screening
  • Not contain fonts - All fonts should be converted to outlines
  • Use unique elements (no clipart)
  • Look sharp and legible at small sizes on screens
  • Include a small icon only version that can be used in social media accounts, as avatars, and on small marketing items 
  • Be provided in various file formats including AI, EPS and JPEG

Vector vs Raster Logos

Many web developers will include "logo design" in their website proposals, but the logo is nothing more than a pixel image or logo font. We only design pure vector logos that will reproduce in all types of media, including print, signs, embroidery, silk-screen and more. The process starts with an overview meeting where we discuss your practice areas and culture. We will then review your history, objectives, target audience and goals so we can design a logo that properly represents your ideals and communicates your image.

A properly created logo file takes more time, but that extra time will save you headaches and money when sharing and reproducing your logo in different types of media.


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Online branding for lawyers

There are many digital tools to help build a consistent identity including:

  • Social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others
  • Website integration with social media platforms
  • Social media graphic tiles and avatar images
  • HTML/Graphical emails sent to clients and potential clients
  • Email signatures
  • Power Point/Keynote templates and presentations

Traditional Law Firm Marketing Materials

Whether you need contemporary advertisement artwork for a national publication, or eye-catching brochure art for your growing practice, On Point delivers creative work with your marketing goals in mind.

We design for all types of print media including:

  • Rack brochures
  • Invitations
  • Promotional folders
  • Advertisements
  • Postcards and direct mail campaigns
  • Signs
  • Trade show booths
  • Outdoor billboards (print and digital versions)

We fully understand printing processes and how to optimize graphic files for different forms of output. Our experience ensures designs have a maximum impact on your target audience and a minimal impact on your bottom-line.

We can deliver digital files to you, or we can manage the entire printing process. We have built solid relationships with local and national printers to insure a quality final product.

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